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Bulks strongman training see our members undertake a combination of basic strength training in the gym, using barbells and dumbbells, and event training with a variety of Strongman objects, such as atlas stones, dumbells, log and yoke.  Our Strongman competitors and members often move heavy objects as quickly as they can over a specific amount of time, to push themselves on every lift – Strongman is a test of stamina and mental fortitude, if you want to start Strongman – why wait, get down to the gym and get lifting!

We have Atlas stones, Axel’s, Yokes, Large Tires, Metal over-head press bars, 100kg dbs and much more!

Bulks Powerlifting has our members undertake and assess their ability to life the maximum weight for one repertition, commonly referred to as one rep max (1RM) using a barbell in the following three lifts: Back Squat, Deadlift and Bench Press.  Since Powerlifting focuses on the one max rep in the three exercises mentioned above, training involves increasing strenght in these exercises.  Additional exercises need to be undertaken to assist in these strength exercises.  At Bulks we have all the equipment you need to become a Powerlifter!

We have squat racks, leg presses, leg extension, benchs, up to 100kg dumbbells, dead lift areas, olympic barbells and much much more!






BULKS GYM has muliple bodybuilding machines and a huge selection of equipment to enable you to meet your goals.  Body Building relies on reisistance training with Barbells, dumbbells and machinie based weights to maximise your muscle growth.  Our gym is fully stocked with every machine, bit of equipment you could ever need.  Additionally, our bar is fully stocked with pre-post workout drinks, we also have a full range of Bulks Banquet meals to meet your nutritional needs.  Please view the images below to see our Bodybuilding equipment.

BULKS GYM has muliple cardio machines to enable you to meet your health goals.  We have Bikes, Stair Machines, Treadmills, Elipticals, Rowing Machines a large yoga area and stretching mats and kettle bells.

BULKS GYM has everything you need to train your boxing skills, we have a large ring – if required – heavy bags, speed balls, gloves, hand straps, punch mits and skipping ropes.  If you want to use our equipment to train others, just give us a call!

BULKS GYM has a large wrestling ring and multiple arm-wresting stations to help you prepear for your next show or arm-wrestling competition.  We have many members that love both wrestling and arm-wrestling, why not come and join them! 




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